All About Rogue

SL Screen name: JessikaDarkstar Resident

SL Current Display Name: Я㊉guє Ŋєbuℓa Ɗaякζтaя™

How Long Have I been on Secondlife? Since 9/19/2008 (Yes truthfully).

Why do you like SecondLife? Because I meet new people, and learn about music I never heard before. You can meet people from around the Globe. Someone may be in Denmark or Germany, Brazil, or who knows where else…but they are there with you in Secondlife. Making online friends that become more like family than the real family you deal with at home.

What Made you decide to own a club in Secondlife? I wanted a place I could call home, and a place I could be comfortable going to without worrying about following other people’s rules and requirements. It’s My sim, it’s my rules and requirements. Drama can go fuck off.

Do you play any games besides SecondLife? Fuck yes! I love video games! Especially FPS (First Person Shooter), RPG (Role Playing Games) and anything with immersive story lines. I could list all my favorites but you might as well check my steam account: JessikaDarkstar. I’ve been playing video games since I was 2 years old. Trust me, addict hardly covers what I am.

What other things do you like to do in Real Life? I love to draw, write fiction and fanfiction, design clothing (Yes I am going to be learning how to sew), sing, voice acting, acting on stage (where you can interact with an audience). I really am a creative entrepreneur. Anything creative I pretty much tried it.

What made you decide to Launch Dark Star Radio, a REAL LIFE internet Radio Station? Truthfully, I enjoy being a Radio DJ. I enjoy engaging with a Real Life Audience as well as a SecondLife Audience. Being a Real Life Station has made me more confident in my abilities as an entertainer because of how many followers I have on Twitter, Facebook, TuneIn, and how many people have told me “Thank You for letting me know about this amazing Station.” Them not realizing I own it and them thanking me for introducing them to it is a great feeling to have! Especially when friends from my School days and Army days thank me! I really enjoy telling them that it’s my station and I glad they like it!


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