Dark Star Radio ~ Music For the Soul

Dark Star Radio was founded December 2014 by JessikaDarkstar Resident in SL aka Jessica Marie Bowman – Chase in real Life aka The Rogue DJ of Dark Star Radio. This Radio station launched because I have a passion for music and I wanted to help music artists, musicians, Disk Jockeys alike be heard, followed and talked about! Dark Star Radio is like no other station you ever heard. We play majority of Genres (Except  Country). We Play Industrial, Metal, Goth, Rock, Pop, Underground Hip Hop and subgenres of these and more. We play things people want to hear because people can make requests in the LiveChat and if we are not live you can email  us for genre/song requests for certain times of day when we don’t have live DJ!

We support struggling artists as well as non-struggling artists. If your music rocks we support you! You want to share your music with us: be sure to e-mail  us your tunes so we can share them with the world. Also, make sure you title your music correctly “Artist – Song” format. I will not relabel and I won’t play music that doesn’t have an artist name clearly labeled. Its mainly to follow copyright laws and I certainly don’t want to be fined and arrested!

Interested in purchasing commercial air time? Email us with your offer or take a look at our offer on commercial page.


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