Amon Amarth @ DSF Hangout

Please Enjoy this Lovely Slide Show by Nightmare Maven (My SL/RL Partner in Crime):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s Right We had Bad Ampitude here @ DSF Hangout AGAIN!! This Time they were AMON AMARTH and it was epic!!! Like so fucking \m/ Metal \m/ EPIC!

I want to thank today’s amazing Audience for coming to DarkStarFire Hangout in SecondLife to enjoy this amazing Amon Amarth Tribute Concert experience produced by Bad Ampitude! Bad Ampitude has always been the greatest concert experience in SL! Don’t pay too much for cheap imitations!

Be Sure to Like and Follow Bad Ampitude on Facebook, and if you don’t have the group space in SL be sure to subscribe to their subscriber they only really send out 2 notecards per week!!!

If You missed out on AMON AMARTH make sure you get your ass in Gear for:



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